The Gay friendly Italy guide

In medieval times, this place was a horse stable! The Gay friendly Italy guide Gay Pride — the gay pride in Rome takes place each June and has been going strong for more than a decade. Find a gay host now. This was the only exclusively gay hotel in Puglia we could find.

Thessaloniki's Hot Gay Cruising Scene! The Gay friendly Italy guide tip is to come early in the day as it gets very busy here, particularly on weekends. The popular gay beach is called Il Buco and is located between Settimo Cielo and Meterranea restaurants.

The Gay friendly Italy guide

How to get there By ferry By air By boat. Recommended Hotels. Hotels for All Travellers. User Login. There are not any exclusively gay accommodations in Sicily, but there are several gay-friendly hotels and resorts that spread through the The Gay friendly Italy guide. Gay-Friendly Areas in Italy Gay life in Italy is discreet, so you should be prepared for a similar, discreet gay nightlife.

A gay guide to our favorite Mediterranean country "Italy", that goes beyond its sexy men and gay scene!

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Address: Via del Vantaggio 14, It includes a couple gay saunas and a gay cruising club. Bio Latest Posts. It also has an impressive 11th century Cathedral which also attracts large crowds. The Gay friendly Italy guide Grand Hotel Abano Terme. Do expect a lot of toilet paper — that may be a bit strange at first, but they do offer simply the best nightclub experience in the city, complete with live music most weekends.

  • The country is still highly influenced by the Catholic Church, however no one can deny its rich history, excellent sense of fashion, delicious cuisine and totally hot men. What's surprising is that even though Rome's gay scene has remained the same maybe, a little worse than the previous years, more and more less known towns and villages around the country seem to develop a gay scene.
  • The sexuality is Sicily is still mainly characterised by Mediterranean norms so a more traditional-like feeling surrounds the Italian locals. On the western part of Sicily, wine lovers can find the top quality authentic Italian wines and get romantically creative with their dates, while in the the south Sicily lively crowds and cultural attractions will enchant you.
  • С трудом верилось, что можно будет что-то разглядеть с такого расстояния.

One of the best pubs, where you can have a romantic happy-hour with your partner, is Mono, in Via Lecco 6. Back in the days of Caesar, it once housed restaurants, taverns, shops, markets and more. User Login. Some suites in this townhouse hotel include living rooms, sitting areas and balconies.

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The Gay friendly Italy guide

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